Why the Flexi Series is the Best Solution for Flexible LED Screens

There are several factors to consider when looking for the best flexible LED screen solution for your business. These factors include the type of content that will be displayed, the viewing distance, and more. The most important of these is the type of content that will be displayed. Large images with delicate details require a high pixel pitch. Smaller images will have a lower pixel pitch.


When it comes to flexible LED screens, TEWEI LED has been around for more than a decade. They have a strong track record of innovation in the display technology sector. This screen is versatile enough to be used in various environments, from home theaters to professional studios. They are IP65-rated and can be installed on any surface. They also have high-end features, such as a low pixel pitch of only 1.25mm. In addition, these screens are perfect communicators and excellent marketing tools.

In addition, flex LED screens are energy-efficient from the design stage. These screens use a minor power source and can achieve higher brightness levels without sacrificing the vibrancy of the image. They are made with flexible RGB LEDs built into the circuit board, enabling you to lower the brightness of your screen while maintaining a high level of visual quality. And because these screens are flexible, they require less wiring and therefore use less power.

Flexible LED screens are perfect for showcasing designs and logos. Their customizable features, such as brightness, pixel pitch, and more, allow designers to explore new techniques. Not only will a flexible LED screen increase your business’s visibility, but it can also draw in new customers. The best way to attract attention is to present an irresistible offer. This type of screen is ideal for a wide variety of business scenarios.

Because flexible LED screens are so thin and light, they can be installed anywhere. They are also highly customizable, meaning you can design them rectangular, oval, or any other shape. Depending on your budget, you can choose any model you need to maximize your business potential. For more details, visit the TEWEI LED website. They’re the Best Solution for Flexible LED Screen.

TEWEI flexible led display

TEWEI Flexible LED Video Wall

Finding a screen that fits your needs in the modern world is complex. Flex LED screens are designed to power your creativity. Whether you plan to use it for your home, office, or commercial space, a flex LED screen will provide you with the best solution for your needs. With their wide range of sizes and designs, flex LED screens can adapt to virtually any space.

The flexibility of these screens also makes them ideal for touch-screen devices. In addition to being flexible, these screens also provide better clarity and user-friendly interactions. Nokia’s Advanced Design director argues that users will feel more natural using such devices. You can squeeze the device to answer a call or twist it to scroll. For instance, Samsung’s Youm concept screen doesn’t use E Ink technology but utilizes full-color OLED, which will still deliver incredible graphics and a bending experience.

Flex LED screens are energy-efficient from the start. Because of their high vibration capacity, they use less power than other screens. Flex LED screens also contain flexible RGB LEDs. This enables them to have lower brightness levels than different screens and use less energy. A flex LED screen is also more space-efficient. If you’re planning to use a Flexi LED screen in your business, you’ll want to be aware of this new technology.

The TEWEI Flexi Series is the Best Choice for Flexible LED Screens

What Is Flexible LED Screen


When you want to create a unique and attractive space in your business, office, or home, the best solution for you would be to install a flex LED screen. These displays have several advantages, including a higher resolution and flexibility. You can also customize the shape of your flexible LED screen to suit your space. Eighty percent of flex LED screens are custom-made. They are available in curved or flat designs and can be used for both broadcasting and entertainment.

Flexible LED screens are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized to fit any curved surface. They are incredibly easy to install and maintain. Their unique hinge technology can keep the pixel pitch constant even when bent, eliminating distinct bright and dark lines. They are made from carbon fiber and magnesium alloy frames and are light, thin, and highly reliable. TEWEI Flexi Series is the best solution for flexible LED screens.

Flexible LED displays have multiple advantages. They can be custom-made for pixel pitch and brightness, giving you greater flexibility to customize your display. They can also be used for exhibitions and events to highlight the products and services that your company offers. The best way to catch people’s attention is with an irresistible offer. You can use a flexible LED screen to showcase your products and services.

The TEWEI Flexi Series is perfect for any curved or concave LED video wall. They are highly flexible, IP65-waterproof, and offer high brightness. A flexible LED screen is an excellent solution for many industries. You can find it anywhere you need it. A TEWEI Flexi LED screen can help you create a beautiful and unique space.

TEWEI flexible digital display

Flexi Series

The Flexi Series features an LED panel that is flexible and designed for indoor or outdoor installation. The frame is made of die-cast aluminum and weighs approximately 28 pounds per tile. The panel’s rectangle shape allows for more excellent coverage with fewer tiles. It is lightweight and requires only one person to install it. It can be customized to meet the needs of any client. Flexi offers a variety of mounting options to suit any space.

The benefits of the Flexi Series over other similar products are its flexibility, low weight, and high image quality. Compared to cabinet-style LED screens, flex LED screens can be customized to fit any space. Eighty percent of the panels are custom-made to meet the user’s specifications. The panels can be flat or curved for different uses, including broadcasting and entertainment.

Robust 140 degree viewing angle, etc

The Flexi LED video screen features a powerful 140-degree viewing angle, a lightweight design, and an easy-to-operate modular system. It also features a rig-and-click system for easy installation, eliminating multiple hands during show time. A hinged backplate makes it easy to access the back panel and change a module. This makes it the perfect solution for any flexible LED installation.

Flexible LED screens are ideal for displays where space is limited. Compared to fixed screens, they can be easily mounted and unattached. They can also be rolled or folded for ease of storage. Flex LED screens are designed to be energy-efficient from the very beginning. They offer high vibrancy without requiring maximum brightness. Because RGB LEDs are flexible, flex LED screens use less power.

TEWEI flexible led video wall

Special-shaped screen

The Flexi Series is the most flexible option for various applications among the many different kinds of flexible LED screens. Its pixel pitch ranges from 1.6mm to 50mm. Its versatility makes it suitable for multiple services, such as advertising, live events, and more. This versatile display gives you the best picture quality for your money. The Flexi Series is the best solution for flexible LED screens, so get one now!

The flexibility of the Flexi Series makes it the best solution for flexible LED screens. Its flexible design lets you bend the panels without them breaking. This is ideal for designing digital screens with complex shapes. It is also possible to create a circular digital video wall using this technology. Moreover, the Flexi Series is lightweight and easy to install. Its modular design enables quick assembly at the venue. Magnetic connections make it easy to replace or disassemble its components.

The Flexi series is the ideal solution for surfaces.

Whether you need a flexible LED display for exhibition purposes, conference rooms, or museums, the Flexi Series is ideal for a curved surface. The flexible LED display can be bent into any shape you desire and stuck to a customized frame. It is energy-efficient, low-heat, and low-maintenance and can be placed as close to the display as possible. It also requires very little space for wiring and mounting.

Flexible LED displays are more expensive than ordinary LED displays. This is because they are made according to customer specifications and are a one-step installation solution. Using magnetic suction connection technology, the LED boards are easily attached to the flexible display. This results in the show being thinner and lighter, requiring less labor. There are also numerous other advantages of the Flexi Series. It is a flexible display that meets all of your business needs!

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