What is P10 LED Display?

What is a P10 LED Display?

The p10 led display has a spacing of 10mm between the LED lamp beads.

Although smaller pitch outdoor LED display products have appeared, the outdoor P10 LED display is still favored by customers. The main reasons are 1. The area of ​​outdoor LED advertising large screens is relatively large. 2. The height of the installation position from the ground is relatively high. 3 P10 outdoor led display at a reasonable price. Only choose the right one, not the expensive one. The outdoor large screen area is large enough, the viewing distance is far enough, and the LED display screen with large dot spacing is enough to meet the LED display requirements.

Currently, there are two production methods for outdoor LED display: DIP type and in-line lamp production, and SMD type is surface mount lamp production. The main features of the DIP-type P10led display are high brightness and a good waterproof effect. However, due to process problems, the flatness of the three lamp beads does not affect the display’s brightness uniformity and color consistency, and the viewing angle is slight. It significantly affects the development of outdoor LED displays to smaller pitches.

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The SMD type makes up for these shortcomings. The brightness and color consistency is perfect, the viewing angle is large, and the size of the lamp beads can be smaller, making it possible to develop the outdoor LED display to a smaller pitch. At present, the most popular on the market is the SMD outdoor led display.

P10 LED full-color display is widely used in advertising, sports, factories and mines, transportation, stations, docks, airports, buildings, education systems, and other public places.

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