What is outdoor LED screen?

      An outdoor LED screen is a screen that uses light instead of a conventional light source. This means you can see what is projected on it in both daylight and night without glare. These screens are versatile and common in integrating walls, poles, or scaffolding. This type of screen has a pixel distance of 2.6 mm, which makes it incredibly easy to view from a distance.

What is an outdoor LED screen?

      When choosing an outdoor LED screen, it is essential to consider the pixel pitch and the distance between individual RGB pixels. It is necessary to select the right pixel pitch for your application, or you may end up spending more money on an inferior product. Also, choose the appropriate enclosure for the display because LEDs are susceptible to temperature changes and moisture.

      The display area of an outdoor LED screen can range from dozens to hundreds of square meters. Common uses for such a product include shopping malls, public squares, and stations. These types of screens have excellent outdoor visibility. They also look stunning when viewed from a distance. They’re instrumental when advertising a new product.

There are many types of screens.

    The brightness of the screen has two levels, CD/m2. You can choose a screen with a brightness of 5500CD/m2 or more. However, keep in mind that you should check the line of sight of your audience. The P10 model has a recommended viewing distance of 20-54 meters.

      Outdoor LED screens are an excellent choice for advertising purposes. They are highly functional and visible even under adverse weather conditions. They are visible during the day and at night without any glare. You can install them on poles, walls, and scaffolding. Due to the small distance between pixels, they’re easily visible from a distance.

TEWEI Outdoor LED Screen

What is an outdoor LED video wall?

      An outdoor LED video wall is a type of display that is designed for outdoor environments. These walls are weather resistant and can see high, medium, and low brightness. They must also resist the heat and lightning that can come in contact with them. Outdoor LED video walls are manufactured with high-efficiency electronics and proprietary resin treatment.

     Outdoor LED video walls can display information in real-time, such as weather conditions and traffic flow. They can also show emergency traffic situations and alternate routes for safe travel. These LED video walls are ideal for use in high-traffic areas. LED video walls can also integrate a control system to provide a centralized network.

Construction of video wall

      LED video walls are made from multiple panels that emit RGB light. Typical panels measure 500*500mm, and four panels make one square meter. They are mounted to a black plastic housing. Their high contrast ratio makes them an excellent choice for outdoor advertising. And you can move them by installing them on a trailer.

      LED video walls can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on the type of installation. Choosing a location is essential. It should also be installed within the weight limit and the available space. Another important consideration is the size and position of the display.

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