What is led light pole screen? What are the characteristics and advantages of led light pole screen?

LED screen refers to the display screen specially installed on the street lamp pole. Since street lights are widely distributed in cities, light pole screens can penetrate various fields of urban management, energy saving, security, and convenience in their locations and play different functions under different needs.

They have the following characteristics and advantages.

1. Rich functions to meet various needs

The light pole screen effectively integrates many needs, such as intelligent transportation, municipal publicity, security monitoring, commercial advertising, environmental monitoring, 5G base station application, information publicity, and advertising release. Cityscape.

2. Cluster management, easy maintenance

The LED light pole screen is an electronic device. It can centrally and uniformly control all the light pole screens through computers and mobile phones, remotely manage them, and publish the display content with one click. The content of ordinary billboards can only be replaced one by one. The labor, material, and time costs are much higher than the LED intelligent light pole screen.

3. Small footprint, minor safety hazards

Compared with large outdoor LED screens, LED light pole screens occupy less space, beautifying the urban area and reducing potential safety hazards.

TEWEI led light pole screen

4. Low power consumption, more energy saving

The LED light pole screen supports various installation methods, such as columns, horizontal bars, and central suspension. The size can be customized according to demand, with low power consumption and more energy saving.

5. Higher ROI

Using the LED light pole screen, the displayed advertising content can be changed at any time, equivalent to increasing the advertising space. The more ad space, the lower the marginal cost and the higher the return on investment.

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