The Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic opening ceremonies, which are still repeatedly mentioned and recalled by netizens recently, made LED displays shine. Among them, ice waterfall screens and ice cubes are all sub-categories of transparent screens. Their wonderful visual effects The presentation effect made the audience full of praise. In fact, in addition to the above-mentioned, LED crystal film screen, photoelectric glass, etc. are all its extended products. Under the circumstance that the transparent screen market tends to be saturated, their appearance is even more eye-catching, and the market is dynamic and dynamic. Woke up! In a more segmented market environment, transparent screen products will still be the “masters” in customized display products.

LED transparent screen is more popular and customized

With the iteration of display technology, the LED display industry is constantly “rushing for gold” in rounds of waves. The traditional display has faded away, and new display concepts are overwhelming. The diversified demands of the market urge the refinement, refinement and refinement of LED display categories. Several creative display products such as small-pitch display, LED transparent screen, LED grille screen and LED special-shaped screen are innovating in the development, providing the market for the display screen. Export generation after generation of emerging products. It is undeniable that traditional LED displays still occupy a large share in the market today, but at the same time, the market for these creative LED displays, which include advanced display technology and lead the industry trend, is also expanding.

LED transparent screens are gradually entering the high-end display market, and their penetration in outdoor advertising, exhibitions, window displays and other display fields is relatively fast. In luxury and fashion brand stores, LED transparent screens have also become a “new favorite”. At present, some fashion brands have introduced LED transparent screens into stores as window advertisements to display products. The reason is not difficult to understand – the transparency of the transparent screen is highly compatible with the transparent glass window design of most stores, which can not only display dynamic advertisements of products, but also will not block the crowd from viewing the product display in the store, and give customers a sense of Come to the consumer experience with a sense of high-end and technology.

The characteristics of the application scenario determine the characteristics of the product. Transparent screens are customized products, and solutions need to be created to meet the needs of the scene for production. With the advent of the era of customization, LED display companies must try their best to meet the diverse requirements of customers, which also puts forward higher requirements for the R&D, production, marketing, and after-sales service of LED transparent screen companies. Screen companies need to update and Only by improving the entire operating system chain can we better adapt to and serve the market.

Compared with “standardized” quantitative production, customization is a product of the high-end field. In the era of showing individuality, special customized products and services can indeed win the favor of the market more quickly. Customized products, because they are more suitable for customer needs, in terms of profit, the price profit margin of high-end customized LED transparent screen projects is larger. It can be said that customization, as a development direction of the LED industry, can not only meet the market demand, but also promote the brand and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the process of making profits.

From a long-term perspective, the customization boom has also promoted LED transparent display companies to actively pursue better products and promoted the overall development of the industry. Customization has become a trend, which will inject new blood into the LED display market, which is a test for various enterprises and an opportunity for strength improvement.

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Subdivided categories are coming strongly, and OLED transparent screens are defeated by commercial displays

Under the trend of customization of transparent screens, the application of more special scenarios is no longer satisfied with general transparent screen products, but more suitable for end-users. Types and display methods provide customers with more choices and possibilities. For example, the LED crystal film screen not only has the characteristics of a flexible screen, it can be easily bent to create creative shapes such as curved surfaces and balls, and it has high permeability. The installation of the screen is also very simple. The product only needs to tear off the centrifugal film at the user’s favorite position to complete the installation process, which completely avoids the need to cooperate with the cabinet and the construction of a certain steel structure frame when installing the traditional LED transparent screen. The complex process not only reduces the construction cost of the manufacturer, but also improves the installation efficiency. In addition to ordinary walls, whether it is curved, cylindrical or 90° angle, even glass doors and architectural eyes can be easily installed, and it is very flexible. The display panel can be cut in size to adapt to different shapes of screen structures. Its thin and light characteristics can reduce load-bearing problems, such as walls, glass, sky curtains, etc., coupled with high transparency, it is almost combined with glass to achieve a “stealth” effect, which has little impact on the appearance of the building. Because of its characteristics, it can be called an emerging “net celebrity” in the subdivided LED transparent screen product category.

In fact, LED transparent screens and their sub-categories are so active in the commercial display market. We have to talk about OLED transparent screens here. Since the advent of OLED transparent screens, they have received extensive attention from the market with their ultra-high-definition display effects, but there is no large area. wide application. On the contrary, the application scope of LED transparent screen is more and more extensive. OLED transparent screens are currently very suitable for small and medium-sized panels, and are currently used in mobile phones, wearable products, VR and other fields. Therefore, through the comparative analysis of LED transparent screen and OLED transparent screen, the two are applied in different fields, and the cost difference is also large. Users can choose more suitable products according to their own display needs. The LED transparent screen has less resistance to expansion in the commercial display market, and it is more conducive to its continuous in-depth exploration of scene needs and innovative products.

LED transparent screens have gradually become a mainstream product in the display market. According to the forecast of relevant institutions, the market output value of LED transparent screens will be about 87.2 billion US dollars by 2025. Some people in the industry predict that in the future, transparent screens may become the second most popular area in the LED display industry that is comparable to “small pitch”. But it is worth noting that although its market prospects are good, technological innovation is also its need to pay more attention. One of the important reasons why LED transparent screens are popular in the market is their good permeability. Therefore, for screen companies that lay out transparent screen displays, improving the permeability and clarity of LED transparent screens is also the main contradiction. And with the further popularization of intelligent technologies such as 5G and VR, the interactive display of LED transparent screens will also become a technical port worthy of further expansion.