Led exterior cinema screen

To show you the led exterior cinema screen

To show you the led exterior cinema screen

The LED Exterior Cinema Screen is an excellent addition to any outdoor area. It can serve as a home theater, outdoor TV, or a place to hang out with friends. This particular screen features LED lights that allow for brighter images and less energy consumption than traditional lighting methods. It also has a built-in speaker system that lets you play music while viewing your favorite movies on the big screen!

High Brightness

The brightness of an LED screen is measured in candelas per square meter (cd/m²). It’s typically used as a metric for comparing the viewing experience of different screens.

Brightness is important because it determines how much light reaches your eyes, which affects contrast, color saturation, and other image qualities. The higher the brightness rating, the better your viewing experience—especially outdoors. That’s why we measure our panels this way: to show you how well they perform under various lighting conditions. For example: if you want to mount your display outside where there’s plenty of sunlight but little shade during daylight hours, choose a model with high brightness values such as 5000 cd/m² or more!


This LED screen is easy to install and doesn’t require a technician’s help. You can easily do the installation, saving money from unnecessary expenses. It is also straightforward to use this LED screen, so you don’t need professional help!

The screen is also very lightweight and portable, making it an easy-to-carry item. You can quickly move it around without worrying about its weight or size. The screen has a handle that makes it easier to carry around, too!


Semi-outdoor is a new led display screen that can be installed in the open air, with rain and snow-resistant functions. It can also be used in windy conditions due to its high wind load capacity.

Installation way: Semi-outdoor is usually installed on the balcony or terrace of buildings, so it’s easy for you to install it yourself without hiring extra people. You can use your tools or buy cheap ones from nearby DIY stores to save costs.

Features: Semi-outdoor has an IP65 waterproof rating, meaning it’s completely sealed and has no part that can leak water into its interior when used under normal conditions. It also has a unique self-cleaning function that prevents dust accumulation on the surface of our audience center stage sets. Making them more durable than conventional outdoor screens made with PVC fabrics but less durable than those made with aluminum frames!

High PPI

The LED screen is a high-resolution LED display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, 300cd/m2 brightness, and 16.7M colors.

The pixel pitch of the LED screen can be as small as 0.3mm. This means it is ultra-high definition and incredibly clear for your eyes to watch from a distance!

We have the right solution for you

We have the right solution for you.

Our exterior projection screens are custom-made to fit your needs so that no matter where you put them or how large they are, they will never be a burden to move or install.

You can use our outdoor cinema screen in the park or on your terrace. They are perfect for family gatherings, parties, and special occasions.


We believe that our products can help you achieve your goals. We are full of confidence in the quality of TEWEI products, and we will provide the best service for all customers. Our goal is to make people’s lives more comfortable and better than before, so if you need our help, please feel free to contact us.

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