The waste heat of technology sports has not dissipated, let us see the outstanding performance of LED display in the game

The 16-day Beijing Winter Olympics will continue from the opening to the closing ceremony, and the LED display has played an irreplaceable role. Science and technology empower sports, demonstrating the strength of science and technology. The sports industry trend of “technology + sports” has become more apparent after the introduction of the “14th Five-Year Digital Economy Development Plan”. According to recent data from relevant survey agencies, the scale of China’s sports industry is expected to maintain growth in the future.

By 2025, the sector’s scale will reach 5 trillion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of 12.8% in 20-25. New business formats and the creation of new sports playgrounds have become emerging tracks that have attracted much attention. With this year’s Beijing Olympics off to a good start, what surprises will these two sports events bring us? Why don’t we look at the style of the LED screens that are ready to go in these venues?

Zhiyu is in the front. The pressure is in Chengdu and Hangzhou.

The ice screens and floor screens at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics shined brightly. Most of the competition venues and award ceremony sites had LED screens, which is often described as a “hundred screen party” Among the Winter Olympics competition venues.

The capital gymnasium undertakes two essential tasks short-track speed skating and figure skating. Has two P5 LED full-color screens, a P10 ring LED full-color screen, and the P5 LED in the office building of the competition center.

Full-color screen with a total area of ​​nearly 600 square meters. 600 square LED outdoor large screen in the “Xue Ruyi” venue. Semi-circular LED display in Beijing Awards Plaza and Yanqing Awards Plaza with a total area of ​​3,000 square meters.

In addition, there are also command and dispatch centers, indoor 8K ultra-high-definition large-screen broadcasts, outdoor large-screen broadcasts, etc. LED display is ubiquitous and is in the “preparation” state for the Winter Olympics. The Beijing Olympic Games has given more display scenes and opportunities for LED displays.

Opportunities for LED displays

The Beijing Olympic Games has given more display scenes and opportunities for LED displays, especially in the construction of sports venues. Over the past decade, we have had many outstanding cases in the field of sports. From scoring exhibitions to high-definition real-time broadcasts to participating in athlete training, it has a display function with a companion role of interactive sparring.

According to relevant sources, the interactive floor tile screen with anti-wear, anti-skid, waterproof, strong load-bearing, and other functions can participate in the football training of players. Using the floor tile screen as a goal can increase the number of football players. Enjoyable and experienced, it can also analyze the technical characteristics such as the player’s ball drop point and better serve the competition.

Other events have also made great efforts in stadium construction

Following the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chengdu Universiade and the Hangzhou Asian Games, two highly anticipated international sports events, have also made great efforts in constructing stadiums. As the first Universiade supported by 5G, the Chengdu Universiade takes the “smart Universiade” as the central concept. While ensuring the “look,” the competition venues have injected wisdom “connotation” into the construction and operation management.

For example, in the professional football stadium in the park, three large LED full-color screens are installed in the stadium, which is set up on the south side, northeast corner, and northwest corner of the stadium, respectively, which can present various display contents, such as game timing, game results, live broadcast footage, slow-motion playback, and more. A professional-grade venue sound reinforcement system is set up on the empty horse lanes above the stadium and outside the box layer, with LED displays, to provide the audience with top-level audio-visual effects.

TEWEI football led display

The first standard electronic arena in China

As the first standard electronic arena in China, the E-sports Center of the Hangzhou Asian Games is equipped with a four-sided barrel screen, which adopts the first-class standard of “sound, light, and electricity.” The exterior comprises a hyperbolic anodized aluminum plate and a transparent LED glass curtain wall.

In the stadium on the first floor of the volleyball court in Deqing Sports Center. Two new LED electronic display screens can display the game status in real time.

According to the stadium operator. Volleyball interaction experience uses Kinect to capture human bones through physical interaction. Cushion action. Scan the code to start the game, you can interact on a single screen, or you can interact on a split screen and play competitive games together. The Doping screen hanging on the top of the Deqing Geographic Information Town basketball court is 2.5 meters wide and 4.5 meters high. Plus, two end screens and audiences everywhere can see a clear picture.

TEWEI football led display

Warm-up activities for the Hangzhou Asian Games

Not only the venues but also the warm-up activities of the Hangzhou Asian Games. The outdoor electronic screen in Hubin Business District, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, has fully opened the theme mode of “Welcome to the Asian Games” with more than ten large outdoor screens of commercial buildings and small round screens of intelligent light poles, etc. All-weather and high-frequency rotation of Hangzhou Asian Games promotional videos. Slogans welcome the Asian Games, Asian Games city volunteer actions, etc., the most crowded in Hangzhou. The city living room of the 2019 Asian Games has created a solid atmosphere to welcome the Asian Games.

3D LED Billboard-1

Although the two sports events have been postponed, the new concept of “science and technology+sports” was introduced typically. On the contrary, it will become increasingly popular under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. The rugged power of technology and the soft power of sports make us look forward to more surprises from the two “long overdue” sports events.

In the sports industry with “technological style,” what else can LED display do?

In recent years, my country’s sports industry has continued to develop and is expected to reach a market size of 5 trillion in 2025. Occupying an important position in the national economy.

And in the face of such a vast market share, the LED display industry has already occupied a place, and “fat meat” is greedy for everyone. How not to be squeezed into the market demand space. Under the “technology +” sports industry trend. The LED display still has to Continue to explore your shining points and start from yourself to dig a road that others can’t walk in the sports market. So the LED display can also start from the following points:

1. More energy saving and low consumption

The LED is energy-saving, but generally, the number of lamp beads used in the finished LED display is large, and the power consumption will be significant. To ensure the stability of the ground screen at the Winter Olympics, pixel 4 back-ups are used. This means four 3-in-1 SMD lights back up each display pixel. If one is broken, the pixels in the LED area of ​​the group will not be completely black.

Still, Its energy-saving products and accessories are suitable for saving energy and reducing energy consumption to the maximum extent. From this point of view, LED display energy saving and the low energy consumption is the future direction to achieve extended battery life in sports events.

2. Lightweight

The Ice Cube in the Winter Olympics is 400 tons, and the Ice Fifth Ring also has 3.2 tons. The typical small and medium-sized LED display projects with dozens of square meters, and the total weight is also in tons, which limits the application scope of the LED display. And the way to reduce the importance of the LED display is in the drive power supply and box structure. With the development of Mini/Micro LED technology. There are higher requirements for the size of the drive power supply, which is more ultra-thin, customized, and light. Become the future trend of driving power. The box structure has carbon fiber composite material, low density, and high strength and can achieve an ultra-thin design. It is very lightweight for transportation, installation, and post-maintenance. Therefore, in future development, a more lightweight design will make display products more popular in the market.

3:special-shaped screen

The special-shaped screen has a broader and more flexible application than the conventional LED display. Flat modules assemble most current curved, flat circular, and fan-shaped screens. More complex special-shaped screens put forward higher requirements for circuit design, structural design, and splicing technology. The ice five rings at the Winter Olympics are composed of LED special-shaped screens and have attracted worldwide attention. This will also bring LED special-shaped screens into stadiums and bring development opportunities. Which can attract people’s traffic and promote National Sports and create sports venue brands and IPs to empower the sports industry.

The 5 trillion sports market is a new industry outlet for LED displays. Leading the major screen companies at this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics. They can take on this critical role in sports events due to their technological and comprehensive strength advantages. If low-end enterprises in the industry want to share this “cake,” they need to increase their technology accumulation. Use excellent cases to stand out in the industry and obtain admission tickets. It is believed that the upsurge of the science and technology movement will continue in the future Hangzhou Asian Games and Chengdu Universiade. LED display will have more display space.

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