The TEWEI P10 Outdoor LED Display is a flexible and energy-efficient LED display that is perfect for an outdoor setting. Because of its high brightness and high dynamic contrast, This LED display will provide your customers with a clear visual experience. It is also usually waterproof, making it suitable for all seasons and climates.

TEWEI P10 Outdoor LED Display is IP65 rated

      If you’re looking for an outdoor LED display that can withstand the elements, the TEWEI P10 is an excellent choice. This unit features a wide viewing angle, high brightness, and IP65 water resistance, making it the perfect choice for various outdoor applications. For example,  for traffic management, P10 often acts on outdoor digital billboards and as a stage backdrop.

      Another benefit of this LED display is its high protection against dust, moisture, and ultraviolet light. In addition, its addition, its aluminum frame helps it maintain its IP65 rating, which makes it practically impenetrable. This is a significant advantage compared to other LED displays.

TEWEI P10 Outdoor LED Display

It is energy-efficient

      P10 Outdoor LED Display is energy-efficient, unlike other LED displays. This LED display uses only 200W of power per square meter and can save over 60% of the electric power consumed by a typical show. The power consumption of a standard LED display is upwards of 600W per square meter. Because of the vastly increased power consumption.

     The energy-saving design of this LED Display ensures low power consumption and maintenance. It is also straightforward to operate and has a long viewing distance. Suspended from ceilings or on the floor. It is usually suspended from the top or bottom. Although the unit’s long viewing distance and ability to display dynamic content make it suitable for various outdoor settings, the LED display industry has been trying to develop new energy-saving solutions.

It is flexible

      The P10 Outdoor LED display is highly flexible and waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor displays. In addition, the LED module is durable, making it a good choice for any climate or location.

    The P10 Outdoor LED Display is available in various sizes and shapes. It has a high brightness and contrast ratio. It also has a wide viewing angle. Therefore, it is suitable for outdoor applications like architectural projects, airports, and shopping malls. It also has a magnetic backside, making it easy to mount on metal sheets.

They can be arrayed in a grid with one another.

      The pixel spacing is vast, which enables the show to display large images even in low-light situations. The show can also display data in two modes: synchronous and asynchronous. The synchronous mode uses a computer to control the front, while the asynchronous mode relies on control cards periodically updating the flash module array.

      The P10 Outdoor LED Display has an effective power load of 200 watts and a current input of 5 volts. The bright white LEDs can display an image even under outdoor sunlight. The pixel pitch plays a significant role in the image’s resolution, with a larger pixel pitch producing a higher-resolution image. The P10 LED display has a pixel pitch of 10mm, which results in crystal-clear picture quality.

It is water-resistant

      The P10 Outdoor LED Display is a high-brightness, waterproof, and durable display ideal for outdoor applications. With its ability to operate in any weather, the P10 is an excellent choice for public works projects, transportation hubs, and roadside billboards.

     The waterproof technology is used to enhance the display’s durability and reduce the cost of the unit. Different unit board materials require other waterproof coatings. The P10 outdoor LED display screen is designed with a waterproof slot to reduce the risk of water ingress from the front. It also has high-quality, imported glue to improve its water resistance.

      The P10 Outdoor LED Display is waterproof and dustproof. Usually installed horizontally or vertically. The supporting type is superior for areas where the display is placed at a low height.

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