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How to rent the led screen

How to rent the led screen

As a business owner, ensuring employee productivity is critical. One way you can do this is to provide them with the tools they need to do their job well. Renting led screens will best suit your needs if you have office space. Here are some helpful tips for renting an led screen.

Organize The Team

Make sure you have a team of people who can help you.

Have someone to lead that team.

Someone who can do the installation and set-up of your LED screens.

Someone who can do the cleaning, especially when it comes time to remove them after your event or conference.

Fix The Budget And Do Proper Planning

A budget is vital in knowing how much you can spend renting the led screen. It is essential to understand that renting an led screen comes at different prices, and you have to choose one according to the amount of money you have decided to spend on it. Also, if you can’t buy an expensive one, you might buy cheap ones. However, it is always better if you choose something in between so that there will be no compromise on quality and performance as well as longevity of the service period.

It is better to plan the transportation cost before purchasing anything. Because heavy goods like this need special care during transportation, it may significantly increase your budget unless they are entirely disassembled into smaller parts before being loaded onto vehicles or trucks. To make them easier to manage during transportation.

Ensure That The Place Is Cleaned Properly

Make sure to clean the place before installing your screen. You don’t want an audience sitting on a dirty floor exposed to dust, dirt, and bacteria. Cleaning up your venue will ensure that your guests are comfortable and in a healthy environment during the event.

You might be thinking: “Why is this important? I have a team of people who will set up the screens and do all the cleaning at my place! I need them to come over at 8 am, and they can get it done!” But this should not be taken lightly, as you need to be prepared for anything immediately. If someone calls off work or gets sick, then there goes one person who is supposed to help with setting up or cleaning up after an event ends.

Install The Screen Properly

The screen should be installed so it is easy to access, move and store and won’t fall on you. First, you must ensure that your screen is set at the correct height. You can use a level or plumb bob (a weight suspended by string) to confirm your screen doesn’t tip over. If you have access to a laser level, this is even better. Once the flooring has been laid out and leveled adequately, attach each corner of the frame with screws, so they’re sturdy enough not to fall apart while transporting or setting up in another location.

Next comes deciding how high above ground level you want your projector mounted inside its housing. Typically, this will be around 6 feet above where someone would sit looking at it, but if possible, try for 8 feet or higher because it’ll help reduce glare from ambient light sources like windows or lamps shining directly into eyesight when viewing content projected onto rear projection surface itself during presentation sessions where multiple people may attend during the same run period (such as during business meeting).

Choose The Right Type Of Screen

There are various types of screens you can choose from. The most common ones are:

Led Screen or Projection Screens


Plasma Televisions

-Plasma televisions are the best choice if you want a large screen. They come in sizes up to 60 inches, although they’re generally more expensive than other televisions.

-If you want a good quality TV but don’t have room for one that’s very big, then a led screen or projection screen may be better for you.

Don’t forget to clean the place and install screens properly

Remember to clean the area and install screens properly.

This is an essential part of setting up leased led screens. If you don’t clean this place, setting up your leased led screen may be difficult because it will be full of dust, dirt, and other debris that may affect its performance. And if you want to free yourself from these troubles, please hire professionals who will bring their cleaning equipment in and ensure they correctly set up your rental led screen.

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We hope the above content can help you understand how to rent the led screen correctly. You can check our rental options on TEWEI’s website to see if they suit you.