Outdoor LED Screen Solution Details

LED Display Screen For Advertising Outdoor Solution Details

Outdoor LED Display in Road Advertising

Application Of LED Display Outdoor P8 In Road Advertising

TEWEI Hawk Series P8.3 Outdoor LED Screen For Commercial Advertising in High way

Project Details:

Type: Outdoor Fixed LED Display for Highway advertising

Location: Australia

Pixel Pitch: P8.3

        Outdoor LED screens are becoming increasingly popular as a means of advertising. Tewei’s outdoor LED Screen is shining in Sydney. It is installed on the main arterial road in Sydney, and the crowd of vehicles are attracted by the content on the screen. This display provides an eye-catching and effective way to reach potential customers. Outdoor LED screens offer many benefits over traditional forms of advertising, such as increased flexibility, lower costs, and greater impact. As more businesses recognize the advantages of Outdoor LED screens, Tewei will continue to be a leader in this growing industry.

P4.81 Outdoor LED Display For Auto Store

TEWEI Hawk Series P6 Outdoor LED Screen For Ford Store

Project Details:

Type: Outdoor LED screen Signage for Auto Store

Pixel Pitch: P4.8

        Outdoor LED screens are quickly becoming the preferred method of advertising for businesses large and small. Ford dealerships are no exception, as evidenced by our partner’s recent purchase of a TEWEI Hawk Series display. This state-of-the-art screen is capable of transmitting high-quality visuals at a 4.8mm dot pitch, making it ideal for information dissemination and advertising purposes. Thanks to its Outdoor LED screen technology, businesses can now reach a wider audience with their message while also enjoying the benefits of a more flexible and cost-effective medium. We are proud to have played a role in helping our partner make the switch to Outdoor LED screens, and we look forward to seeing more businesses follow suit in the near future.

P6 Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor SMD LED Display Solutions

        Outdoor LED screens are a type of screen that uses photoelectric display technology, video technology, multimedia technology, network technology, computer technology, and automatic control technology. They are designed for various indoor and outdoor use environments and can display various information elements such as text, graphics, images, animations, stock quotes, and multimedia info. Outdoor LED screens are often used in public places such as shopping malls, airports, and train stations to provide information and advertisements to passersby. They are also commonly used at sporting events to display the score or game clock. Outdoor LED screens are typically made with high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and still provide clear visuals.

P10 Outdoor LED Display

        Today, when we walk on city streets, we can see video content such as media advertising news broadcast on LED displays and LED subtitle machines everywhere. Outdoor LED Screen is becoming a new force in the media industry as a new media promotion method. Media companies have also gradually understood and recognized the new advertising method of LED display, which can achieve cross-media and multi-dimensional rapid dissemination of corporate information and brand promotion. The led outdoor sign has become an indispensable means of contemporary urban media communication. Especially in recent years, with the continuous improvement of led display technology and application level, led outdoor signs have been favored by more and more people in terms of both hardware and software. Thanks to its good heat dissipation performance, stable operation, clear picture quality, energy saving and environmental protection The advantages are obvious, and the led outdoor sign has been recognized by more and more people. Therefore, led outdoor signs will become a new development trend in the field of urban media communication in the future.

P3 Outdoor LED Display Features

        Outdoor LED screens are becoming increasingly popular, due to their energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The outdoor LED screen has a photosensitive control system, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the display screen according to the change of the brightness of the outdoor environment, saving energy and environmental protection, greatly reducing your operating costs; and making it easier for the audience to accept;The product has a set of low-power solutions, which can save 1/3 of the energy consumption under the same conditions as traditional products;In addition, its long life span can reduce maintenance costs and further reduce your investment costs. Therefore, outdoor LED screens are not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also have great economic benefits.

        outdoor led display have many advantages. Firstly, they can help to point-by-point correction of brightness and color, which makes the LED display screen richer and meets the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use. Secondly, they have dual network cable hot backup function, two computers control one screen at the same time, when one computer has a problem, the other automatically takes over to ensure the normal operation of outdoor led display. thirdly, outdoor led display have good stability and long service life. fourthly, outdoor led display can work in any environment, even in the most challenging environments. fifthly, outdoor led displays are low power consumption, which can save a lot of energy. Lastly, outdoor led display can be recycled and reused, which is very friendly to our environment. All in all, outdoor led displays have many advantages and are very popular with people.

        As the world becomes increasingly digitized, so too do outdoor advertising and display screens. Outdoor LED displays are now controlled by remote networks, allowing for easy changes and updates to the content that is being displayed. This has led to a clustering of advertising display networks in cities and regions, as it is now possible to control multiple screens in different locations from one central place. The outdoor LED display market is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, as more and more businesses adopt this modern and efficient way of advertising.

P5 Outdoor LED Display

        OutDoor LED Display is composed of several standard cabinets. The outdoor environment has relatively complex conditions, strong sunlight, rainy days, high temperature in summer and low temperature in winter.The use of outdoor display screens will encounter various problems, lightning strikes, cabinet sealing, etc., which will seriously affect the service life of outdoor displays. Therefore, the outdoor display screen must have good waterproof and dust-proof performance.Standardization is an important indicator to judge the maturity of a product. The smaller the number of models of a product, the more standardized it is.The standardization of box design can make the same box size suitable for different pixel display requirements, making LED installation more convenient. Good waterproof effect, with IP65 protection level, suitable for use in outdoor environment.With built-in lightning protection device, it can prevent outdoor display screen from being burnt due to lightning strikes. In addition, the outdoor display uses a Meanwell power supply with high stability and low failure rate to further ensure the stability and reliability of outdoor led displays.
It is these comprehensive advantages that make outdoor led displays more and more widely used in outdoor advertising media and outdoor information publishing occasions with its excellent performance and stable quality

3D display Display

Creative Naked-Eye 3D Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen

        3D billboards are a type of outdoor advertising that uses three-dimensional (3D) images to create an illusion of depth. Traditional billboards are flat, 2D ads that are placed on buildings or along roadsides. 3D billboards, on the other hand, use special techniques to give the illusion of depth and dimension. This can be accomplished by using various materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. 3D billboards are often used to advertise movies, video games, and other products that require 3D glasses to be viewed properly. However, they can also be used for more general advertising purposes. 3D billboards are most effective when they are placed in high-traffic areas where they will be seen by a large number of people.

        The outdoor LED display provided by TEWEI perfectly realizes the naked eye 3D function. Through the combination of different colors and brightness of LEDs, an 3D image is displayed in front of our eyes. This 3D effect is achieved by parallax. The human brain will naturally process the visual information received by the two eyes into a three-dimensional image. Therefore, when we see something with our left eye and right eye respectively, our brain will put these two 2D images together to form a 3D image. TEWEI’s outdoor LED display uses this principle to create a stunning 3D image that seems to pop out of the screen. In addition, the use of color and light also plays an important role in creating the 3D effect. By carefully controlling the color and brightness of the LEDs, TEWEI is able to create an immersive 3D experience that makes you feel like you are part of the action. Finally, the integration of LED display installation structure and installation scene is also crucial for generating 3D effects. By seamlessly blending the display into its surroundings, TEWEI is able to create a truly immersive experience that transports you to another world.

P3.91 Outdoor LED Display

P10 Outdoor LED Screen for Information Dissemination

Tewei P3.9

Type: Outdoor Fixed Installation

Pixel Pitch: P3.9

        Tewei Outdoor LED Display screens are constantly innovating in technology. According to different application needs in different sub-application fields, a variety of outdoor LED large screen application solutions with different differentiated advantages have been launched. While achieving ultra-high definition, it can freely control the brightness, save energy and environmental protection, have strong anti-interference performance and wide viewing angle. Tewei led sign outdoor products are widely used in various types of propaganda display places such as bus stations, subway stations, docks, airports, squares, shopping malls, stadiums, exhibition halls and so on. The led sign outdoor products have high brightness and clearly visible even in direct sunlight. They are also waterproof anddustproof with good heat dissipation. Installation is simple and convenient without the need for special installing tools or personnel. It is an ideal led sign display solution for your business promotion needs!

TEWEI led display p10 outdoor

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