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Rental Led Screen Display
  • Modular design
  • Front & rear access on both LED module and power box
  • -10°~10°curve installation
  • 90°degree right angle cabinet available
  • Smart module
  • High refresh rate:3840HZ
Fast Assembly
  • Fast lock and single operator handle are adopted for the cabinet connection.
  • It only takes 8 seconds to connect a single cabinet.
  • Equipped with positioning pins to assist alignment in ensuring the installation speed and connection accuracy.
Anti-Collision Design
  • Four corner protectors are around the corner to prevent the module from being damaged during transportation
  • Two bottom plates are designed to avoid the cabinet in direct contact with the ground.

Creative Shape

High precision arc lock supports -5°, -2.5°, 0°, +2.5°, and +5°
It can realize a variety of shapes like concave, flat, and convex

Mixed Splicing

500*500mm and 500*1000mm cabinets apply the standard module, available for mixed connection up and down to flexibly meet different demands on screen size.

MODELTW-KI 2.6TW-KI 2.8TW-KI 3.9TW-KO 2.8TW-KO 3.9
Pixel Pitch(mm)P2.6P2.8P3.9P2.8P3.9
Pixel Density(dot/m2)1474561239046553612390465536
LED TypeSMD1515SMD1515SMD2020SMD1415SMD1921
Cabinet Size(mm*mm)500*500/500*1000500*500/500*1000500*500/500*1000500*500/500*1000500*500/500*1000

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