TEWEI Video Screen Rental Tunas series P2.9 500*500

LED Video Screen Rental Tunas series P2.9 used at National Dealers Conference 2022 in India

product name:Tunas P2.9 500*500


nation: India

place: National Dealers Conference 2022

The National Dealers Conference is one of the most significant events in the automotive industry, and it’s always a hotly contested bidding war for who can provide the best visual display solution. This year, TEWEI won the contract to provide video screen rentals for the event, and their Tunas series P2.9 500*500 screens were used throughout the conference center. The event was a huge success, and TEWEI’s screens played a significant role in making it happen. From the eye-catching opening keynote presentation to the detailed product displays, the TEWEI screens made everything look sharp and professional. The National Dealers Conference is always challenging to win, but they came out on top with TEWEI’s high-quality products and services.

LED video screens are the most popular choice for significant outdoor events. This is because they are easy to set up and provide the best visual quality. We have several different kinds of LED screens available for rent.

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