P6 Outdoor LED Screen

Tewei Hawk Series LED Screen P6 Outdoor Case For Ford Store in NY

Type: P6 LED Outdoor screen

Pixel Pitch: P6.9

Size: 12sqm

P6 LED Outdoor screen is replacing any other type of advertising. A Ford dealership in New York found our partner who needed to install an LED display in the most prominent location of the store for information dissemination and advertising. After more than 2 Monthly discussions, it was finally decided to use TEWEI’s outdoor display Hawk Series, and the dot pitch was eventually set at 6.9mm.

The screen area is small, but it is made of black light with a high contrast ratio of 5000:1. The vivid and clear images have attracted people passing by the store to stop and watch, significantly increasing the number of visitors to the store and enhancing its visibility. Automobile sales. The customer raved about the quality of the screen, saying it was the best screen he had ever experienced.

Auto stores rely upon

Auto stores rely on customers driving by and seeing their signs to generate business. So the store’s signage must be clear and visible. Outdoor fixed LED signage is an excellent option for auto stores because it can be easily seen day or night. The LEDs use very little energy so the sign will be cost-effective. And because the LEDs are long-lasting, the character will require little maintenance. Fixed LED signage is an ideal solution for businesses that need an efficient and effective way to get their message out.

Auto stores rely on fixed outdoor LED signs to inform customers of sales and promotional activities. This type of signage is prominent and can be seen from a distance, making it ideal for businesses that want to attract the attention of potential customers. In addition, the maintenance cost of fixed LED signage is relatively low, which is essential for enterprises that want to save operating costs. Although this type of signage may have a higher initial investment than traditional signage, long-term savings can make it worthwhile for car stores.

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