Panther Series

Panther Outdoor Advertising Screen

P4.16 / P5 / P6.25 / P8.33 / P10

They are excellent advertising outdoor screens with the following features:

1:Delicate structure, Seamless splicing, perfect flatness, fanless cooling system.

2:High precision Aluminum cabinet frame Flatness≤0.015mm.

3:Front side viewing–Matte corrugation module mask To achieve ultra-high contrast.

4:Support full-front and rear maintenance. Suits for all outdoor applications.

5:Both front and back sides to reach IP65.

6:Electric power saving up to 30%.

Panther Outdoor Advertising Screen

The Panther Outdoor Advertising Screens are excellent for outdoor advertising. It has a delicate structure and seamless splicing; flatness is better than 0.015mm, ensuring viewers can see clear images on the screen. The aluminum cabinet frame is flat to a precision of less than 0.015 mm, with an ultra-high contrast ratio and supporting full-front viewing. The copper wire rod masking achieves ultra-high brightness and color saturation. It is suitable for all outdoor applications, including roadside, mobile screens, and tunnel advertising systems.

Panther Series Outdoor Advertising Screens is an excellent outdoor advertising screen. It adopts a high-quality aluminum cabinet frame and seamless splicing technology, which ensures a flat and perfect screen surface. With the anti-curvature mask, it achieves ultra-high contrast at 0.015mm tolerance. You can upgrade it to any desired shape and size you like.

And it is a high-contrast image advertising screen, which is an excellent solution to meet your advertising needs. It uses a matte corrugated surface and front view to achieve ultra-high contrast, making it suitable for all outdoor applications. You can also use the front and back to reach IP65 to prevent dust and moisture.