P8 Outdoor LED Screen

P8 Outdoor LED Display Case in USA

Tewei Seamless Corner Outdoor LED Display to create an excellent naked eye 3D LED video wall.

Project Details:

Type: Outdoor LED Display Seamless Corner

Pixel Pitch: P8.3


Size: 224sqm

The naked-eye 3D display screen first appeared in the LCD display technology, which forms multiple viewpoints through grating or slits, ensuring that the viewers have visual difference between the left and right eyes when viewing from any external device, thus forming a naked-eye 3D display effect.

Compared with the traditional LED screen, in order to achieve a better naked-eye 3D experience, the naked-eye 3D LED screen has higher hardware and software configuration requirements, as well as higher product specifications and design requirements. Mainly reflected in several aspects:

1) Content design and creativity that can generate parallax;

2) Fusion of display color and ambient light;

3) Integration of LED display installation structure and installation scene

The outdoor LED display provided by TEWEI perfectly realizes the naked eye 3D function.

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