3.9mm LED Wall Outdoor Screen

P3.91 Outdoor LED Display

The NorthFace Store in Italy illuminated its facade with our P3.91 Outdoor LED Display. The high-resolution display creates a dynamic and vibrant ambiance, adding to the store’s already welcoming atmosphere. The store’s employees and customers alike have commented on the LED wall‘s positive impact. In addition to being visually appealing, the wall is highly functional, providing the store with a flexible platform for promoting sales, events, and new products. We’re thrilled to see our product being used in such an innovative and impactful way.

Please visit the NorthFace store in Italy and check out our new products. This incredible technology enables a seamless bezel-less display, creating an immersive experience that will impress your customers. I was impressed with the vibrant colors and detail the walls can show. If you’re looking for a cutting-edge way to display your products, consider the P3.91 Outdoor LED Display!

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