P2.6 Indoor LED Display For Conference Room

Indoor LED Screen For Conference Room in USA Los-Angeles

Tewei P2.6 Indoor LED Screen with wall mounting installation is under customization.

Project Details:

Type: Indoor Fixed conference Room LED Display

Pixel Pitch: P2.6

Location: USA Los-Angeles

Size: 60sqm

This is for a company decoration project, with wall-mounting directly, not only for simple &beautiful shape but also to save the cost.

The installation way has many choices: hanging, horizontal, and vertical.

It can display videos or pictures to realize high-definition effects.

Meeting rooms are becoming increasingly popular

Meeting rooms are becoming more and more popular nowadays. A conference room is where people can meet to discuss important matters. Conference rooms usually have a large table in the middle of the room with chairs around it. There is often a projector in the room to make presentations. Many conference rooms also have an indoor LED screen.

The screen can be used to display PowerPoint slides or other information. The screen is also helpful for video conferencing. Video conferencing is a way to hold a meeting without all participants in the same room. It is becoming increasingly popular as more and more businesses are using it. The indoor LED screen makes it possible to see the person you are talking to, even if they are not in the same room. This makes communication much easier and more efficient.

There is no more suitable way to make a strong statement that P2.6 indoor LED screens. This vast exhibition is 130 feet wide and is ideal for large venues such as conference rooms and arenas. Its state-of-the-art lens system and 16-bit color processing create stunning image quality that will impress your audience. P2.6 The indoor LED screen has a refresh rate of 1920 Hz and can display full-motion video without blurring or artifacts. At the same time, the 10000 nits brightness of the screen ensures that your content can be seen even in direct sunlight. So if you want to take the event to a new level, P2.6 indoor LED screens are the perfect solution.

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