P1.9 Indoor LED Display

P1.9 Best Indoor LED Screen For Hotel Lobby

Tewei P1.9 indoor with full wall mounting installation to save time and cost.

Type: Best Indoor LED Screen Hotel Lobby LED Display

Pixel Pitch: P1.9

Location: Spain

With this energy efficient Hotel LED TV, you will enjoy all the benefits of interactive television and premium hotel features. Simply link our TV to the system of your choice for the best viewing experience and cost efficient solution.

Advanced hotel features and future proof,including brilliant LED images with incredible contrast, Integrated Wi-Fi to use Smart LED TV wirelessly, Smartinstall for easy remote installation and maintenance.

Also with differentiating guest experience, Smart LED TV apps with many dedicated services for hospitality,secure Simply Share to stream movies and music to your TV,smart Info for branded, interactive hotel info pages.

Sustainable and safe: Low power consumption and Eco-friendly design & flame retardant housing.

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