Our P4.8mm Outdoor LED Video Display is perfect for showing your message in a bright and colorful way! This display is sure to grab attention and get your message across loud and clear.

Outdoor led video display P4.8mm for Hong Kong office building

P4.8mm Full color outdoor led video display screen is used for Hong Kong media or commercial advertisements on building exteriors. The installation process is straightforward and fast, saving you much time. This display uses a die-cast aluminum box, so its heat dissipation is stable and reliable when working for a long time. In addition, it has IP65 waterproof standard, which is suitable for various weather conditions. P4.8mm dot pitch LED display is widely used in banks, stock exchanges, airports, railway stations, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and other places to help you create great outdoor advertisements and attract more people’s attention. If you want an outdoor LED video display, P4.8mm will be your best choice.

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