Camel Series

TEWEI stadium led display

Camel Series

stadium led display


  • TEWEI Camel series stadium led display support customized services
  • Module waterproof design, front and rear waterproof grade IP65
  • The module allows adjustment, the seam is small, and the display effect is good
  • High brightness, high-definition picture, stable performance
  • Support front and rear maintenance. Special tools are quickly disassembled, and maintenance is simple and easy to use.
  • Support remote control, remote switch display, publish display content, adjust display brightness, etc.

The simple assembly and a small seam characterize the Camel series LED display. This makes the module very small. It is easy to maintain and does not add any additional costs. Its brightness, high-definition picture. With a steady remote control and remote switch display, you can easily change or adjust the display content, making it much easier to operate and realize the optimal output.