Transparent sound insulation screen

Panel System – Transparent Sound Insulation Screen

Panel System – Transparent Sound Insulation Screen

A transparent sound insulation screen is a popular solution for noise control in open-plan offices, classrooms, and other areas where the need to block out sound is essential. Transparent panels are also suitable for creating partitions and dividing lines. The panels are made from a unique material that transmits light while at the same time providing excellent insulation against sound and heat infiltration.

A transparent sound insulation screen is an excellent solution for the noise problem!

A transparent sound insulation screen is an excellent solution for the noise problem. The sound insulation screen is a new architectural decoration product, suitable as an interior wall decoration material or partition wall for offices and living rooms. It is made of layers of clear acrylic and seamed rubber laminated together. The Acoustic Screen installed on your existing walls requires no tools and will not damage your wall surface. Because they’re made of flexible material, they won’t leave marks on your walls if you need to remove them later.

Made of multiple layers of acrylic and specific rubber!

The transparent sound insulation screen comprises an acrylic layer and a particular rubber layer laminated together. The acrylic coating is transparent, flexible, non-toxic, and durable. It can prevent damage from ultraviolet rays and cold weather in winter. The rubber layer is soft and durable; it has excellent adhesive strength to stick to the bottom of your window frame without damaging walls when you remove them later on if necessary. No air bubbles are inside the panel system for better transparency and insulation efficiency.

Transparent sound insulation screen for a panel system

The delicate sound insulation screen is a new type of building decoration product. It can reduce noise effectively and make your home more comfortable. The Acoustic Panel System is a unique panel system that provides a practical, high-quality acoustic barrier. Widely used in many countries for more than ten years. It is an acrylic layer and a specific rubber layer pressed together by a high-temperature or high-pressure molding machine to form a transparent film. It has excellent sound insulation performance but does not affect sightseeing or sunlight through windows or doors.

A transparent sound insulation screen is a new type of building decoration product!

It is a new type of architectural decoration product. Suitable for decorating walls, ceilings, and other surfaces of buildings. The soundproof screen is acrylic and rubber, with good transparency and a beautiful appearance. The structure of the transparent sound insulation screen is straightforward. It consists of two layers: acrylic material as the base layer and rubber material as the uppermost layer. Between the two layers, there will be a gap, which can effectively prevent noise from entering your home or office through this gap, making you feel comfortable when working at home or sleeping at night!

This unique panel system provides a practical, high-quality noise barrier!

A sound insulation panel system is a unique panel system that offers a functional, high-quality sound insulation barrier.

The sound insulation panel system comprises a transparent sound insulation screen and a frame. The translucent material allows you to see through the screen without affecting its performance as an acoustic barrier. The structure supports your screen and makes installing it in various locations around your home or office space easy. You can use this product anywhere with unwanted noise from outside sources, such as traffic or neighbors within earshot; it will block out their voices so you won’t have annoying distractions while trying to work or relax at home!

To sum up

With the help of our sound insulation panel system, you can reduce noise in your home or office by up to 50%. This means that when the kids play in their room and it’s time for bed, they won’t hear each other as much. Or if you have an open plan office where everyone can listen to what others are saying, this product will help reduce distractions so that productivity remains high!

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