P3 Outdoor LED Display installed in Japanese Subway

A large outdoor LED display was installed on the Japanese capital subway. The uniqueness of the P3 outdoor LED display is that it spreads very well. It is installed in the Tokyo Metro at a height of 10 meters and is visible from all places inside and outside the station, allowing passengers to see it even before they get off.

Japanese subway station is getting a new LED display!

A Japanese subway station is getting a new LED display. The P3 outdoor LED display designed by our company was installed at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.

The display measures 13 meters (43 feet) wide and 10 meters (33 feet) tall and can display images in 1920 x 1080 resolution without backlights or filters, thanks to its RGB LEDs arranged in a pixel matrix pattern. This allows the screen to produce high-quality images without any glare or distortion caused by reflection off glass surfaces like those found on smartphone screens or computer monitors–the same problem faced by traditional displays used indoors where they’re commonly viewed from an angle rather than straight on like outdoor signs usually would be seen.

TEWEI outdoor led screen Dolphin series P3.9 500*1000

A beautiful digital display can do wonders for your brand!

Branding: Digital signage installations are a great way to promote your company name and logo and establish an identity that your customers can recognize. When people see your brand positively, they will likely buy from you.

Engagement: Digital signage is also an effective tool for engaging customers with interactive content such as polls or quizzes. This helps grab their attention and engage them with the business’s product or service.

Sales & Loyalty: With so much competition today, businesses must find ways to differentiate themselves – especially regarding sales numbers! Digital signage displays are the perfect tool for attracting new customers while keeping existing ones happy, as they provide information about promotions happening at any given time.

The P3 Outdoor LED Display will replace an existing LED display!

The P3 Outdoor LED Display will replace the current LED display. The new display is brighter and has a wider viewing angle, making it ideal for subway stations where commuters need to get their information quickly as they rush through crowds. The new display also uses less energy than older models, making it more eco-friendly. The P3 outdoor LED display was installed in the subway in Japan after being selected from many other companies’ work proposals.

The P3 Outdoor LED Display provides high-resolution images without backlights or filters!

It delivers high-resolution images without backlighting or filters! This makes the picture bright and clear in any environment, including direct sunlight. P3 displays also have no heat generated by the LEDs, making them safe for use in harsh conditions, such as outdoor environments or locations with high humidity. The display’s brightness and contrast meet your needs, making it ideal for any application requiring precise visual quality control.

This new outdoor LED display is sure to be popular with commuters!

You may have heard that the Tokyo Metro has installed a new outdoor LED display. This unique outdoor LED display will surely be popular with commuters, especially considering it replaces an existing collection. The P3 outdoor LED display provides a high-resolution image without a backlight or filter. This technology will allow people always to see a clear vision when viewing the screen from any angle, even far away!

To sum up

The P3 Outdoor LED Display is an excellent choice for subway stations. It has wide viewing angles and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The brightness levels are also adjustable, so you can choose how much light you want to use in each situation. Such a product exists on the subway in Japan, meaning its use range is wide.

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