P3 Outdoor LED Display installed in Japanese Subway

The TEWEI outdoor LED display installation in a Japanese subway is an excellent example of the company’s versatility and quality. The company produces award-winning LED solutions for commercial and public environments, including a TEWEI Dolphin P3.9 recently installed in Tokyo’s subway system. In addition to high-quality products,

the company also offers award-winning customer service and technical support. This enables its customers to focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, not on the challenges of implementing new LED displays.

TEWEI outdoor led screen Dolphin series P3.9 500*1000

TEWEI’s Dolphin series

TEWEI’s Dolphin series outdoor LED display, Dolphin P3.9, is installed on the Japanese subway. The Dolphin series offers a scalable solution for diverse applications, with multiple accessories for a fast, easy setup. Founded in 2012, the company is one of the largest LED panel manufacturers in the world.

TEWEI’s award-winning LED solutions

The Dolphin series is a complete outdoor LED display built with an aluminum profile for durability and strength. All parts are IP65/IP66-rated for protection against dust and water, and they are highly durable and reliable, operating reliably even in cold temperatures. The Dolphin series is also 60-80% lighter than traditional outdoor LED displays.

TEWEI’s Dolphin P3.9

The installation of TEWEI’s Dolphin P3.9-series outdoor LED displays is an excellent example of its versatility. The slim, lightweight frame design is perfect for rental applications in outdoor environments. The display panels are made of high-precision die-cast material, ensuring their durability and reliability. The display’s modular design allows for front and rear access, facilitating maintenance and service without interrupting the display’s functionality.

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