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How To Install The Transparent LED Screen?

How To Install The Transparent LED Screen?

The installation method of the transparent screen is much more convenient than the LED display Screen panels of standard cabinets. Most LED fine screens are lighter and thinner, So what are the installation methods for the transparent screen in the scene?

The led transparent screen is assembled from countless light bars. The quality of the fine screen directly depends on the quality of the light bars, so installing the led transparent screen is also critical.

So how to install the led transparent screen? TeweiLED provides translucent LED display Screen panels in 4 installation methods.

The installation methods of led transparent screens are also different in different environments. The standard installation methods of fine screens include hoisting, fixed installation, base installation, etc., the most common of which is hoisting for stage choreography, exhibition halls, and other fields.

Floor base

There are many common in glass windows, exhibition halls, etc. For example, the height of the screen body is not high. If the size of the screen body is tall, Fixed up and down to improve the screen body. The color of the outdoor screen decoration is the same.

Frame installation

Composite bolts are suitable for directly fixing the box frame on the keel of a glass curtain wall without any steel structure and mainly apply to building glass curtain walls.


Ceiling mount

It mainly acts on indoor strip screens and frame structure screens. This installation method must have a suitable installation location, such as where there is a beam lintel above. Standard hangers for indoor concrete roofs and the length of the hangers are determined according to the site conditions. Steel wire ropes hoist the indoor beams.

Suspended installation

Wall-mounted installation, applicable to indoor concrete beams, must be installed on solid walls or hanging places. Outdoor installation mainly relies on steel structure, and there is no limit to the display area and weight.

The above four are the standard installation methods for LED transparent Screen panels. The type of fine display screen selected will differ according to application scenarios even if the installation method is another. flexible change according to actual site conditions and design requirements. No matter the installation method, The steel structure of the LED transparent screen is the smallest, usually at the mounting point or on the surface.

TeweiLED Jellyfish series transparent screen is ultra-light and ultra-thin. It is made of high-transparency and high-temperature resistant PC high-end material. It will only change color for a few years and is easy to install without noise.

Tewei LED Jellyfish Series Transparent Screen

TeweiLED Jellyfish series transparent screen adopts a box-free structure design. Compared with the conventional fine screen, C-Film has no box structure to block, so the visual effect is more transparent and truly evident.

1. Ultra-light and ultra-thin, the transparent part is only 3mm;

2. Using high-transparency and high-temperature resistant PC high-end material, it will not change color for an extended period;

3. Perfect ultra-narrow design of light board PCB, easy to achieve up to 60% transparency

4. Fanless power supply, quiet and noiseless

5. Hoisting, seat installation, membrane installation, etc.

Tewei LED

The team of TeweiLED is excellent, specializing in the transparent LED screen panel industry. It has mature experience in R&D and production and can meet all kinds of personalized customization. If you have corresponding needs, you can visit the factory to inspect the goods and visit and guide them.