Imagine you’re in front of a big screen, just waving your hand to make changes on the display. Does it feel like magic? In fact this is surprising experience brought about because we are able see what our fingers do with an intelligent interface that can sense them and respond accordingly!

Large-screen intelligent interaction is here to change the way you interact with your surroundings! No need for input devices, gamepads and other stuff–just use body movements in air like shaking heads or raising hands. Bring a whole new world of experience by interacting on this large LED screen
The future has arrived today at last weekend’s tech fair where I got my first look into what might be coming soon enough: Somatosensory recognition combined gestures plus digital media making every conversation an adventure.

1. How to create a large-screen intelligent interaction?

The overall solution mainly includes three parts:

Front-end input system + game software + Interactive LED Display control system

The overall solution is relatively simple, mainly in three stages of input, processing and output, and finally the screen is transmitted to the LED display screen, so as to realize the function of human-computer interaction.

1. Install a somatosensory/gesture sensor just below the middle of the Interactive LED Display to receive information from the user;

2. When someone passes by in the sensing area, the computer receives the information from the somatosensory sensor and transmits it to the LED display. The user image will automatically appear on the LED display. At the same time, there will be a follow-up AR interactive system interface around the user. Users only need to reach out and select the function icon they want to participate in, and the interaction module will automatically open;

2.The large screen is an intelligent interaction that can play new tricks

The large screen is an intelligent interaction that can play new tricks

The large-screen intelligent interactive solution created by TEWEI Dragonfly Series products integrates information display, advertising, human-computer interaction, game experience and other functions, bringing users an interactive experience full of entertainment, and is widely used in various exhibition halls Exhibition halls, entertainment venues, large shopping malls, theme parks and other places.

2.High-definition eye-catching, more outstanding display effect

Adopt dynamic energy-saving high-brush PWM-SS driver IC, 3840Hz ultra-high refresh, with realistic and excellent display effect, make players feel immersive and increase the realism of the game.

Large screen intelligent interaction, play new tricks

Large screen, can support multiplayer online

The LED display screen is spliced ​​with zero gaps, and the small modules can be combined flexibly, which can arbitrarily assemble a large-size screen of 1080P, 4K, 8K or even +∞K. Support most people to play interactive games at the same time, and the big screen interaction is fun!

Support multiplayer interaction

Drainage tool, greater commercial value

The experience method of volley interaction, which integrates novelty, fun, viewing, and technology, can effectively attract passengers.

Combining digital technology, TEWEI breaks through the traditional large-screen display method, integrates more creative interaction and experience, keeps pace with the times, and is committed to bringing users a unique and beautiful experience of Interactive LED Display.