LED Advertising Truck

      Using an LED advertising truck effectively gets your brand or business noticed in your community. These trucks can display digital content, like a video clip or picture, while driving through the city. In addition, LED trucks can reach a wider audience than traditional advertising methods, so they are ideal for reaching out to more people.

Hydraulic lift system

      The hydraulic lift system is a critical element of a LED advertising truck. It allows the LED screen to move to any location and turn 360 degrees. It also protects the LED display from high pulse voltage. TICKTACK mobile-led advertising trucks to have high-quality and exquisitely designed LED screens.We can customize according to customer requirements and enhance various activities.

      The system comprises a hydraulic lifting cylinder, a guide, and a screen-fixing structure. The screen is divided into upper and lower parts. It is connected to a multimedia play screen bracket through a hinge chain. The two screens can be folded or unfolded by hydraulic cylinder action, and the display area can be increased to produce various display effects.

      The LED media screen is easy to operate, and the system is simple and easy to install. The media screen is mounted on a chassis that is mounted on supports. The LED media screen is raised and deployed using the hydraulic lifting guide piece. It is also easy to rotate 360 degrees and double its display area. Its doubling capability can further improve the effectiveness of the LED screen.

      The hydraulic lifting speed is determined by the cylinder diameter and the amount of hydraulic oil in the system. The rate is inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area of the piston rod. Therefore, changing the overflow valve can increase the speed of the system.

TEWEI LED Advertising Truck

Cost per impression

     If you are looking for a mobile billboard to engage your audience, consider using an LED advertising truck. This type of mobile advertising can help you build brand awareness, cut overhead costs, and deliver real-time results. You can also collect campaign data with these vehicles. In addition, it can attract consumers through the social media channels of the enterprise to enhance your interaction.

     Mobile billboards are less standard than traditional billboards, meaning your target audience is likelier to notice your advertisement. LED advertising trucks also tend to get higher retention rates. Research has shown that a mobile LED advertising truck can achieve up to 97% retention. Furthermore, more than six8% of consumers make buying decisions while in their car suggests that people are far more likely to remember a brand or product that they see on a mobile billboard.

    LED advertising trucks are becoming increasingly popular; some come with hydraulic stages and lifts. These trucks are handy for showcasing product exhibitions and live performances. They may even have multiple LED screens that reproduce the same advertising material from multiple angles, resulting in better exposure for your message. Your goal is to create awareness of your brand or product by bringing it to the people who need it most.

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