How to Use a Floor LED Display to Get Ahead in Business

Using an award-winning floor LED display to promote your business is an excellent way to stand out from the competition. There are several benefits to choosing a floor LED display, including Rec. 709 color accuracy and factory-calibration. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Direct View LED

When it comes to direct view LED floor displays, nothing compares to the innovation and quality of the product from SiliconCore Technology Inc. The company has developed next generation LISA technology and introduced the world’s first ultra-fine pixel pitch LED floor display. This four-foot by seven-foot LED floor display is also customizable, allowing business owners to create custom floor displays that fit their individual needs.

The direct view LED has changed the way that professionals approach designed spaces. Before, commercial interior designers and architects tended to focus on walls that were painted, tiled, or built with stone or metal. But today’s LEDs are tinier and more powerful, thanks to the advent of microLED technology. Samsung’s cutting-edge “The Wall” has garnered some attention as an example of the future of direct view LED.

Rec. 709 color accuracy

The first question you might have is how accurate is Rec. 709? This is the basic color space used in SDR content, but it is not as accurate as the other standards. The next generation of color spaces will use DCI P3 and Rec. 2020. These are wider color spaces, but they will still be limited. As technology improves, wider color spaces will also be released. By the time you’re buying a floor-mounted display, you’ll know whether you’re getting the best quality.

TEWEI floor tiles display


For optimal use in indoor locations, consider an LED display from the Elephant Series line of LED displays. Known for its frontal restoration, this LED display supports different installation methods and offers complete front serviceability. With its intelligent module, you can customize the content of your LED display without having to reinstall it. It also features its own data storage, which automatically imports calibration data when the display is replaced. And because of its dual-backup system, you’ll have peace of mind that your LED display is always working at peak performance.

Direct View LED displays have four screen sizes and are factory-calibrated for perfect color, brightness, and uniformity. They’re compatible with professional AV control systems and can be customized for any size or shape. They’re also highly versatile and low-profile, making them perfect for any environment. And they’re also easy to maintain. And if you’d like to upgrade to a larger display, you’ll be pleased to know that Direct View displays have the ability to be calibrated.

Promoting a floor led display

A floor LED display is a display screen that is located on the ground. The floor display screen is similar to an advertising LED display, but it has some distinct differences. A floor display screen is made of a solid, durable floor fitting. While advertising LEDs are typically used in business districts to advertise single brands, floor displays have intelligent interactive functions that help entice customers to purchase from you. By combining these two features, you can get ahead in business.

Floor LED displays are increasingly popular. This is in part due to the maturity of led technology. Interactive LED floor tile screens have many applications and are widely used for large-scale stage performances. They provide a completely different audio-visual experience to a live audience. To get ahead in business, you should consider investing in a floor LED display screen. Here are some of the benefits of a floor LED display.