How to Pick the Right LED Sign for Your Business

If you’ve ever been to a business, signage is one of the first things you notice. Whether a simple sign in the window or a giant billboard, characters can make or break how people perceive your brand. A good LED sign will attract customers and help them find their way to your business, while an ineffective sign can deter potential clients from making purchases. But with all of the options for different types of characters, how do you know which one is right for your business? Here are some tips on how to choose the best LED sign for your needs:

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Determine the most appropriate material for your LED sign!

You may be wondering what material is suitable for your LED sign. Many options range from aluminum to plastic, wood, and even glass. It’s essential to consider both the environmental conditions in which you plan to display your sign and its intended use.

Suppose you place an outdoor sign permanently or semi-permanently, then. Metal or wood will work better than plastic or acrylic because they won’t degrade over time like other materials when exposed to UV light. This can cause fading or cracking, which can affect readability!

If, however, it’s going indoors only (like above), then acrylic might be preferable since it doesn’t rust easily like steel does when exposed outside long term.”

Choose a sign type that is best for you and your business!

When choosing the right LED sign for your business, selecting the kind that is best for you and your message is essential.

If your message is short, use a static flag. Static logos are easy to read and understand because they don’t move or change and consistently display images. For example, if you run a restaurant, an LED sandwich panel with lettering would be an effective static sign. If your message is long but straightforward enough not to require animation or sound effects, use an animated static logo instead of an animated dynamic logo. Or vice versa, depending on which vibe, feel, tone, etc.

Decide whether you want a static or animated LED sign!

Once you’ve decided on the size of your business and what kind of lighting will work best in your store, it’s time to figure out which type of LED sign is right for you.

There are two main types of LED signs: static and animated. Fixed characters are generally cheaper than animated ones. Still, they can be harder to maintain and update over time and less effective at attracting attention. Vibrant LED signs can be more expensive but easier to maintain because they don’t require additional programming or hardware updates like static ones. They also tend to attract people into the business world more effectively, as many find them visually appealing!

Consider the size and shape of your LED sign!

The size and shape of your LED sign will depend on the purpose of your business. The size depends on how much space you want to fill in with your LED sign, and the shape depends on what message you want to convey.

The most common shapes are rectangular, square, and circular. Rectangular signs are great for displaying information such as hours of operation or specials. In contrast, square signs can be used as logos or branding messages without additional text. Circular signs are excellent at catching attention because they’re so eye-catching; however, they’re also harder for people who aren’t standing directly in front of them to read because there’s no place for the text below an image like there would be if it were rectangular or square-shaped.

Consider the impact you want your LED sign to have!

When finding the right LED sign for your business, it is essential to consider what impact you want your sign to have. For example, outdoor wall-mounted signage may be the best choice if you own a restaurant and want people passing by on the street to notice it. Conversely, an interior window display might be more appropriate if you run an auto repair shop and want potential customers to see it when they drive home.

It’s a good idea to consider whether there is anything special about where your business operates. If many other companies in the vicinity compete with yours, and they all have similar signs posted outside their storefronts, fewer potential customers will notice you by comparison.


Ultimately, deciding what kind of sign will work best for your business is up to you. You can always choose an LED sign if you want something bright and colorful, but other options are available if that doesn’t appeal to you or fit your budget. Whatever choice you make, just be sure that whatever type of signage is selected will help get customers into your store!

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