How To Clean LED Screen

After a certain period of use, the LED Screen will accumulate dust, such as dust. Regularly clean and maintain the LED display, prolong the service life of the TEWEI LED display, and improve the quality of the LED display. Therefore, the cleaning of the LED full-color screen is very important both in front of the screen and after the screen is installed.

Cleaning of the LED display after installation

After the LED electronic display is installed and displayed for a period of time, dust and impurities will accumulate. In order not to affect the display effect, it is necessary to use water or water and cleaning agent to remove the surface dirt of different types of LED displays. When cleaning the surface of the LED display Special care should be taken, LED modules that will not be cleaned can be repaired by the manufacturer.

how to clean led screen

Requires cleaning agents and special equipment

A cleaning solution for LED full-color display screen, which has the advantages of environmental protection, dustproof, no screen damage and so on. Replacing chemical cleaners is an option.

Second, LED screen repair agent: This product has a multi-functional effect. That is, the dual effects of light and repair make the LED display as bright as new. At the same time, it has the functions of anti-static, dust-proof, rust-proof and anti-corrosion. Dust easily settles in water and is equally bouncy and shiny. The pH of this product is 7.5, so there is no damage to the main body of the LED display.

3. Special tools: spraying machine, pneumatic brush, special brush for cleaning, etc.

4. Cleaning platform: master car selection, convenient and fast, convenient and fast;

Cleaning steps for outdoor LED display

1. Dust removal: blowing dust. Dust should be in the same direction, left to right or right to left. Use a professional brush to clean the dust or dirt on the surface of Maipu Display. The cleaning brush cleans the aerodynamic level evenly, and can be cleaned repeatedly according to the displayed pollution degree and life or aging;

2. Cleaning: Use a sprayer to spray the special cleaning solution on the surface of the module for preliminary cleaning.

3. Use a professional brush to clean the dust of the LED display again. Note: Cleaning requires a brush instead. Brushes can be reused, but must be washed to avoid recontamination.

4. Two cleanings: Spray the special cleaning solution on the surface of the module and clean it again to remove the dust left by the two dust removals. According to the dirt on the sieve, determine the ratio of cleaning solution to water. When there is not much dirt, it can be cleaned with clean water. We should maintain a top-to-bottom or right-to-left orientation.

5. Drying: It can be natural under no special circumstances, such as humidity, low temperature and low surface drying need to be dried;

6. Repair: Use a sprayer to spray the special repair liquid evenly on the surface of the display screen for surface repair.

7. Wind drying: Under the conditions of temperature, humidity and wind speed, Maipu Guangcai LED full color screen can be naturally windy. In the case of high temperature and humidity, the air pressure can be required to be less than 3 kg.