Differences between P2 and P3 LED Video Wall

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WHAT ARE THE differences between P2 AND P3 partitions?

When TO pick OUT the P2 LED VIDEO WALL AND, at the same time, pick P3 LED VIDEO WALL?

Fee OF P3 LED VIDEO WALL FOR the precise resolution

Within the remember of decisions related to the LED display, you may find the term P2, P3, and so on. The letter ‘P’ is consistent at the beginning of each period. What’re the precise means of this ‘P’? The ‘P’ denotes ‘Pixel Pitch’ or ‘Pitch.’ Pixel Pitch is a specific area that identifies the distance between the pixel’s center and the adjacent Pixel’s center. In this text, you’ll be sharing about P2 and P3. The pixel pitch of P2 is 2mm, and the pixel pitch of P3 is 3mm.


Most customers of this modern age pick to buy the whole-coloration LED display. The reasons at the back of it are that – a complete-coloration LED show can commonly deliver the best high-quality pix, and its seamless & flat splicing is just quality for sporting out grand occasions, crucial conferences, and regulating motels and halls, and many others. The two modules, P2 and P3, are the maximum stressful among humans. There are considerable discrepancies between P2 and P3. P2= 2mm, and the gap between the center junctures of the lamp dots is 2mm. And P3= 3mm. This space is 3mm right here.

WHAT ARE THE differences between P2 AND P3 partitions?

Even though both P2 and P3 start with the identical letter ‘P,’ the difference between P2 and P3LED Video Wall is seen indeed.

* For P2, the spacing of the factors or junctures is 2mm this is smaller than P3. The smaller one will provide more clean and precise images with more outstanding than the bigger one. P2’s photo first rate is better than P3’s.

* For better choice, P2 is more highly-priced than P3. The smaller elements constantly rate a better price.

* In P2, 250000 pixels are available in each unit area. On the other hand, in P3, 110000 pixels are available in each unit vicinity.

* The variety of beads in P2 is 1515. The quantity of beads in P3 is 2121. In the assessment of P3, P2’s display is some distance better in integrity.

* P2 pertains to the small area LED prototype, which is used interior. P2 manages video meetings for authorities or non-public institutions, studios, and common indoor spots. P3 belongs to an excessive-goal 3-D show prototype that is utilized in large conference halls, lecture halls, and different enormous regions. The show may be glimpsed from a 3-meter distance.

* The pixel of P2 is immoderate and remarkable. Consequently, the rate is high too. On the alternative facet, the pixel of P3 is less than P2. It sincerely is why the fee is also less.

* The energy supply mode in the P3 LED show wall is better than P2.


The wall of a LED video is comprised of different monitors, which are probably bunched collectively to supply a solitary photo on a big display screen. This gives several blessings. First, the pixel pitch, purpose, and consistency have all been notably upgraded. Its broadness is unrivaled to hook up the limit. Pushed video partitions are the focal point of interest in any location they pass.

Individuals can’t resist the urge to stare at them, thinking they could make first-rate visual plans on a scale that no unique innovation can coordinate. Each LED thoughts-boggling deal in time and spot. No different innovation can be accelerated to deal with the troubles of a game area. No other innovation is all spherical, as dynamic, or bendy as video dividers. For unique and modern dreams, LED video dividers are verifiably fruitful. Pushed video dividers are achievable and can be applied in various tactics, but that is not the main gain. We have to investigate.

High query between two LED video walls

There is a high query between the P2 LED video wall and the P3 LED video wall. P2 possesses extra elements than P3. Interior 1 square meter, if P2 has 160000 factors, the P3 will have about 111000 features. The smaller distance typically offers a higher pixel. And this could additionally provide superb quality images. It is not that P3 isn’t always genuine for you. The broader distance will denote the proper viewing amount. P2 can reply without the dual effect of photos. P2 LED Video Wall to lease black LED lamps with more terrific. It could beautify the assessment. It additionally diminishes the reflections of the dark mode. With the aid of the innovative era, it has retained the exact evaluation size.

P2-led wall has the decision of an incredibly-immoderate trait. It can make a lot less noise. And it’s far lightweight too. Now includes the element of the P3 LED Video Wall. P3-led partitions have good color uniformity. It consists of the reliable SMD led. The fresh ratio of P3 is high enough, and the strength supply mode is pleasant. UL-accredited energy delivery exists in P3 LED Video Wall. Suppose you want to purchase the more pricey one with high-quality picture resolutions, select P2. But if you’re going to buy an LED Video Wall with fantastic electricity delivery, choose P3 LED Video Wall.

TEWEI LED Video Wall

TEWEI LED Video Wall

Price OF P3 LED VIDEO WALL FOR unique decision

Selection is necessary for the LED show walls. P3 has possessed distinct sorts of resolutions. And as in step with the decision, the fees are decided. The minimal rate is $28,000, in line with the P3 LED Video Wall choice.

The reality is that the smaller pixel continuously wishes for a higher price. To fabricate the small pixels, the substances and products are continually decided on at a better rate. However, the smaller pixel can offer you better resolution. Even as the decision can be multiplied, the price of the P3-led video wall can also be better. It depends on the customers’ choice. In the modern-day, various e-trade websites supply a few exciting offers at the charge of P3 LED video walls. Be conscious of that provide.

There’s a variation of LED Video walls – P2, P3, and P4. Each LED display wall has some particular functions. Consequently, it’s challenging to differentiate between P2 and P3, as you’re worried. You can still pick P2 or P3 as consistent with their necessities.

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