TEWEI outdoor led display board

Outdoor LED Display Dolphin P3.9 installed in Japanese subway

1. Product name: Dolphin P3.9 500*1000
2. Installation Country: Japan
3. Location, place name: Subway

The P3.9 500*1000 outdoor LED screens have a display effect like a dolphin in the sea that can fully capture people’s attention. They have installed the screens in a busy subway in Japan, which works well even when many people pass by daily. The picture is bright, and the colors are beautiful. There are many subway lines in Japan, each with its color. These LED screens match the colors of the subway lines very well, making them look very coordinated.

People who see these LED screens will be impressed by their beauty and will stop to look at them for a while. These LED screens not only have a beautiful appearance but also have excellent quality. They can work properly even in hot or cold weather because they are made of high-quality materials and have a long service life. They are easy to install and use and durable without any problems. These LED screens are excellent products, and I am delighted with them.

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