10 Technical Indicators Of Outdoor LED Display

1. Sharpness:

Determine the critical area and sharpness of the screen according to the best viewing distance point. The best distance is 5-50 meters. The most advanced 16-bit data interface improves the picture’s clarity further. Spend.

2. Brightness:

The screen brightness is above 2500cd/m2, which can ensure that the indoor full-color LED display has vivid colors and clear images during everyday use and that the LED display has a high-quality LED display when the lamp attenuates more than 30%. Sufficient brightness and vivid clarity of video images. Refresh rate: Category 5 twisted pair shielded cable is used between the processor and the screen, and a high-performance control IC is configured. The high refresh rate of the screen is ≥ 1000HZ to ensure no water waves and flickers during video playback. All digital low-loss, anti-electromagnetic interference.

Power supply and signal transmission method: Because of the importance of a full-color LED display, the power supply, The signal transmission is also technically processed using a high-quality military-grade connector design. Various pulling forces cause further control failures at the connector.

3. Control method:

Select the self-designed control system, conduct 240-hour uninterrupted power-on aging screening, and select a highly reliable control system. In addition, dual redundant hot backup is adopted in the control mode. Once a problem occurs, Connect to another signal line, and it will continue to work usually and touch smoothly.

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4. Raw materials:

The raw materials of LED display screens are of good quality. Usually, high-quality brand products and the most critical LED lights are high-quality LED lights.

5. Three-level product aging process:

Firstly, the modules produced by the automated assembly line are energized and aged for 24 hours, and then a single box is energized and aged for 48 hours. Finally, the finished display screen assembled on-site is simulated and aged for 72 hours. Shipped to the site for assembly.

6. Product quality control:

All products are qualified and strictly comply with ISO9001-2000 quality certification system standards. (See the quality certification), Test according to IP65 waterproof grade until it is completely waterproof. Installation and debugging of LED display: The structure and debugging of the LED display shall be carried out strictly according to the design plan, and the installation level shall reach C level or above (the highest level of LED display installation).

7. Leading system software (prepared for re-application on the screen):

The operating system adopts Windows XP and supports Microsoft’s latest Windows series products. All application software is based on Windows as the working platform and has a friendly interface. The playback software has rich clock functions. It can display the current date and current time, and the display clock synchronized with the computer’s time can be an analog clock or a digital clock. The software adopts advanced thread technology and can play text, animation, clock, photo, audio, etc., in multiple threads when playing the software.

8. Perfect system function design (prepared for re-application on the screen):

This system can meet the requirements of assembly, performance, TV broadcast, and advertisement broadcast. The LED display system of this project has multimedia, multi-channel, real-time transmission of high-speed communication data and video interfaces. It can quickly introduce various information sources into the computer network system to achieve unified control of different audio and video inputs. The complex functions are as follows.

9. The video playback function

The video playback function can display accurate color dynamic video images; it can broadcast closed-circuit TV and satellite TV programs with high fidelity; a variety of video signal input and output interfaces: composite video, Y/C video (S_Video), YPbPr, VGA (RGBHV), DVI, HDMI, SDI (HDSDI); can play video programs such as VCRs, DVD players (VCD, DVD, LD) with high fidelity; have functions such as superimposing text, animation and still pictures on the video screen; can achieve panoramic views through editing equipment, close-up, slow motion, and special effects, and other real-time editing and playback features. Brightness, contrast, saturation, and chroma can be adjusted by software, and the adjustment range is 256 levels; with an image freezing function; with video overlay (VGA+Video), video (Video), VGA three display modes; with horizontal/vertical Position compensation function; with display synchronization function.

The computer graphic information playback function

The computer graphic information playback function can display various computer information, text, graphics, pictures, and two-dimensional and three-dimensional animations; it has rich playback methods, displays scrolling information, notifications, slogans, etc., and has a large storage data information capacity. The display body can open multiple windows to display the calendar and clock and insert a single line of flowing text. There are a variety of Chinese fonts and fonts to choose from, and you can also input English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin and Russian, and many other foreign languages.

The broadcasting system has multimedia software, which can flexibly input and broadcast various information. There are more than 20 broadcasting methods, such as scrolling left and right, scrolling up and down, pushing left and right, pushing up and down, pushing diagonally, spreading, fan, rotating, and zooming. Through the network connection, the network data information is displayed. Equipped with a network interface, it can be connected to the computer and share network resources. It has a standard audio signal output interface to synchronize audio and video.

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