TEWEI is the world’s leading Chinese LED Display Manufacturer. Our services cover many countries around the world!

Hot Products

Dragonfly Series

Indoor LED Screen

Pixel Pitch (mm): P1.9/P2.6/P3.1/P3.9

Lion Series

Lion-P Series

Mini LED Screen

Pixel Pitch (mm): P1.25/P1.56/P1.87/P2.5

Dolphin Series

Outdoor LED Display

Pixel Pitch (mm): P2.9/P3.9/P4.8

Hawk Series

Outdoor LED Signs

Pixel Pitch (mm): P6.9/P8.3/P10.4

Camel Series

Stadium Screen

Pixel Pitch (mm): P4.16/P5/P6.25/P8.33/P10

Parrot Series

LED Screen Rental

Pixel Pitch (mm): P2.6/P2.8/P3.9

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        TEWEI’s mission is to provide the best customer service and offer reliable technical support for all clients. They take pride in being able to help users solve any problem related to LED displays so they can focus more time on innovation instead!

In addition

TEWEI offers design services, which means you’ll receive a tailored solution specific to your needs – not one cookie-cutter approach like many other companies does nowadays.


        TEWEI owns a first-rate modernized production base and automated production equipment and has a complete management system, research & development, production, sales, and services. Due to its stable & reliable products with professional & efficient services, TEWEI is spoken highly by domestic and foreign customers. Especially for its self-developed ultra-light and thin products on indoor and outdoor fix installation projects, It is favored by customers in many countries and regions.

Why Choose us?


TEWEI is an award-winning global-led display manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen. As a comprehensive LED display manufacturer, it focuses on providing first-class technology and high-performance visual products.


We have many years of experience in led display manufacture and projects. Every year, we implement mutual visits between customers and participate in international exhibitions in different countries and regions to better understand the local market. Finally.


TEWEI’s industry-leading LED display technology and solutions can transform your space into a digital world. Our incredible customer experience is imperative for turning more revenue, which will help you grow exponentially as well!


TEWEI has an excellent track record of delivering high-quality products on time and within budget. Our team will work with you to develop a successful design for your LED Screen Panels project; we can get started immediately!


TEWEI’s spacious factory is perfect for customizing various indoor and outdoor LED display solutions. Moreover, our certifications issued by the government authorities ensure that your purchase will be safe!


TEWEI is an innovative company that provides intelligent LED Screen Panels solutions, flexible online technical support, and reliable after-sales service. In addition, we have engineers who can give you 24/7 on-demand or phone guidance to help resolve any issue quickly!

Customers & Partners

Perfect , Thank you for yourreactivity , we are impressedby your company products andIn-time services more newprojects is on the way ! You’re greatand experienced at what youdo , and we always rely on youfor new projects . My friend wasalso very pleased with yourwork.

We tested the Tunas 3.9outdoor screen and we areimpressed with the screen. Theimage quality and sturdy framedesign with curving option isexactly what we were lookingfor! I’m certain if we can cometo an agreement this we willthe first of many orders.

Thank you very much for youractive cooperation with thiscustom project in the pastthree months , from drawingsto samples , to confirmation tomass production , finallycaught up with the requiredshipping schedule . Lookingforward to the next time forcooperation .

TEWEI provides customers with one-stop solutions

         TEWEI is a Chinese company specializing in outdoor product development and manufacturing, capable of fulfilling diverse interior design needs. With a strong focus on research, process improvement, and quality control, TEWEI ensures that its products meet all customer requirements and deliver a comprehensive solution. Additionally, We invest heavily in customer satisfaction and provide support from professional teams to maintain product quality.

TEWEI provides various products and services, including outdoor LED displays, indoor LED displays, and Mini LED solutions. Our classification system accurately reflects each product’s unique characteristics and functions, ensuring optimal positioning in the market.

With TEWEI, you can receive round-the-clock support from qualified technicians. Reach out to the expert team, and they will promptly assist you. Their availability 24/7 ensures that your technical issues are resolved promptly. To receive immediate assistance, have the specialist hotline number at hand.

TEWEI offers affordable prices without compromising on quality

TEWEI understands that budget is a concern for many customers, so they strive to provide the best value for your money. TEWEI offers a comprehensive range of services, from analysis and design to development, deployment, and maintenance, all tailored to meet your specific technical requirements. With a team of experienced experts and a proven track record of delivering over 1000 successful projects worldwide, TEWEI is the trusted solution for all your needs.

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